Into the Desert Temple

by Cryptic Void

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released March 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Cryptic Void Houston, Texas


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Track Name: Wasteland I
In a lonesome desert
traversing an unfathomable distance
a wasteland both physical and mental
isolated by both distance and praxis;
an outcrop of humanity exists to hide
a secret that, if exposed would span these disparities
Track Name: Wasteland II
initiating humanity into the reality
of the forces thus far invisible.
These stewards of the secret built a Temple
surrounding this cryptic paradox;
vowing servitude to the protection
of this clandestine location
in this Wasteland...
Track Name: Into the Desert Temple
Through ornamented doors, between two pillars,
flanking the dark hall are
graven images of the Old World;
and at the end of this hall stands an iconostasis
depicting an unholy pantheon
beyond which lie steps journeying into the Earth...
Track Name: Subterranean Vault of the Mysteries
Winding in a chaotic and labyrinthine
fashion eventually leading to a vast opening
like that of the Earth sustaining
a great and terrible yawn
where matter gives way
to it's infinite density!
Taking shape as a void unmoving,
a spherical portal of unknown origin,
a singularity in space-time, connecting
two distant and different realms
Track Name: The Realm of Abstraction
Now privy to this secret and it's implications,
i can't turn my back on this abomination,
this supernatural terror of enigmatic form.
The fear of being perplexed
and haunted by this mad vision
urges me to finish the task.
I walk into the magick circle,
into the impact of the sphere's splendor.
I breach the sphere walking into a state of
abstraction wherein everything
is returned to that primordial chaos
from which all existence was distilled.
In the realm of abstraction,
as I gain awareness, I begin to perceive
in ways once foreign to my senses,
visions of confounded physics and materiality.
Track Name: Their Morbid Chamber
No sooner had I transformed
then I was returned
not from where I came,
but a shadow of that realm;
a darker more cryptic facsimile
of that far away reality.
From the recesses of the outer walls,
moving shadows converge upon me....
I enter the center
of their morbid chamber
where I breached their sacred sphere
crossing into their world!
Track Name: Rebirth
A mighty wind of terror carries me
back up the stairs and through the black halls
emerging from between the pillars like a
newborn from between two legs,
without the faculties
to grasp this new domain!
I stand at the precipice of the temple
just like the one from where I came,
but before me lies a macabre terrain
and behind approach hideous forms!
Track Name: Beyond the Sphere
Even as I run away and no one follows
I feel a presence stalking me
Although it takes no form,
I fear no distance traveled could separate
me from this spirit's grasp.
Beyond the Sphere
there is a Specter
it whispers in the wind
from beyond to me, "Set me free"
It asks for passage through the sphere
by way of me as host
and in exchange for my loyalty,
I will be made ruler of this new world.
Track Name: Mastery and Power
With this promise of mastery and power
I am powerless to my avarice and
my intuition wains as my ego takes command.
"I'm your servant!"
So I let down my mental guard and
I relinquish all control
I am made subservient
to this inhabiting soul that penetrates
and lays waste to my mind
Track Name: Of Worlds Past
I can only speculate
as to what has taken place for I
could only spectate
as a dormant viewer,
a passenger,
as a victim in someone else's nightmare.
There were others who had witnessed
the scenes of the horror that came,
and the correlation
of their testimonies
harkens to some forgotten
revelation from a stele
or a sealed scroll
of an ancient apocalypse...
of Worlds past.
Track Name: Instrument of Desolation
As all pass away,
this world will soon
though the hour is not known
until it is upon us
it arrives with a stench
of corruption and wickedness.
All paths lead to Armageddon
All things will come to an abrupt end!
Am I the instrument of desolation
wielded by the Destroyer of Worlds
The Beast that carries Death into battle
against the human world?
As we make our way
back through the Temple,
a place that was once so strange
but now eerily familiar
the glow of the sphere
is stronger than before
inviting the death knell
of the world beyond!
Track Name: Into the Breach
Out of the sphere
and into the breach
to do the bidding
this Spirit will beseech.
His demons billow forth from my mouth
Each a cursed word taking animated form!
This hate-speech against humanity
manifests into corporeal reality.
The intersection of opposing worlds
creates the chaos that was foretold.
The truths that were once shrouded now lay bare.
From the recesses of our minds
psychic shadows converge into one.
The repercussions of our evil deeds
now come to pass
in a singular onslaught
of hostility never preconceived!
Into the Breach!
And I think "What will be my atonement for this treason?"
Track Name: Universal Retribution
All acts of contrition
are null and void.
This universal retribution
shows no favor in what is destroyed.
In any other instance I'd wonder,
"Will I survive?"
But the ensuing mayhem leaves no room
for reflection of a life that's nearly gone.
Universal Retribution!
Track Name: Unto the Bondage of Death
These visions of cosmic warfare
morph into perpetual nightmare.
until my corporeal end
i will be afflicted with
this unrelenting curse
that my soul can hardly bare
but the oath that i have made
holds me captive
In this hypnotic stasis
I know I am not the only
but the last of many
in a dynasty of traitors
to deliver mankind
unto the bondage of death!
Track Name: Eternal Isolation
A history of progress
is brought to naught
all philosophical wisdom
is shattered and scattered.
All hopes are dashed;
all profits lost.
The towers built high
are razed to the ground.
Woes sent to the sky
are dead beneath the sound
of the calamity of Armageddon,
till the last cry for relief
is strangled by these Spirits
from the outer reaches of existence.
Could i remain in that desert,
with an alien sun as my sackcloth
and the sand as my ashes,
trapped in infinite regret
or was that morbid wasteland
just the landscape of my own creation?
The manifestation
of my just rewards
in my eternal isolation.
Now that I've been transformed,
and cannot return
I must live out my days
in this god-foresaken realm.
Grasping sand in both hands,
each grain adding to a tipping scale,
I contemplate each evil deed
and it's portion in this hell.